It’s been a little quiet over here, sorry about that. My mind and heart have been heavy with some inconclusive news. It’s one of those things where we won’t know for sure for another couple of weeks so I’ve been in limbo with a bit of grey cloud over my head. Regardless, we still moved last week and there are still many things to be grateful for so here are some snapshots of our week.

Photo Feb 20, 8 45 42 PMour first meal in the house

Photo Feb 22, 2 21 34 PM

Photo Feb 22, 4 23 31 PM

Photo Feb 22, 4 23 29 PM

Photo Feb 22, 12 19 42 PM

Photo Feb 20, 3 34 18 PM

Photo Feb 23, 2 53 36 PMWe had some of our furniture made to fit the nooks and cranny of this place. This guy can make anything!

Photo Feb 24, 10 00 23 AMHe made this too!

Photo Feb 20, 6 07 25 PM

Photo Feb 20, 6 45 52 PMDug picked his room

Photo Feb 20, 3 57 25 PM

Photo Mar 02, 9 36 59 AM

Photo Mar 02, 12 56 45 PM

Photo Mar 01, 8 28 19 PM

Valentines Weekend at Santa Barbara

02-14-14 Santa Barbara (D90) 014Santa Barbara wine country

02-14-14 Santa Barbara (D90) 035

02-14-14 Santa Barbara (D90) 027

02-14-14 Santa Barbara (D800) 004

02-14-14 Santa Barbara (D800) 012

02-14-14 Santa Barbara (D800) 014

02-14-14 Santa Barbara (D800) 016

02-14-14 Santa Barbara (D800) 051Our B&B host

02-14-14 Santa Barbara (D800) 070Smitty the dog

02-14-14 Santa Barbara (D800) 053

02-14-14 Santa Barbara (D800) 077Best in town.

02-14-14 Santa Barbara (D800) 078We haven’t had wild boar ragu since we’ve been back from Tuscany. I’d drive back up there just to have another plate.

02-14-14 Santa Barbara (D800) 079

02-14-14 Santa Barbara (D800) 063

02-14-14 Santa Barbara (D800) 064

02-14-14 Santa Barbara (D800) 066We’re not big fans of dessert wine but this one is like liquid honey!

02-14-14 Santa Barbara (D800) 095Stopped by Solvang to feed the ostriches.

02-14-14 Santa Barbara (D90) 114

02-14-14 Santa Barbara (D90) 063

02-14-14 Santa Barbara (D90) 075

02-14-14 Santa Barbara (D90) 108

02-14-14 Santa Barbara (D90) 106

T – 4 days

Ok folks, we have plans to move into our home this Friday … whether the workers are finished or not! Hopefully they will but if not at least they can contain the remaining work to the kitchen. In any case, I’ve been working on a video for Apartment Therapy of our first week of construction many many moons ago if you’d like to get a sneak peak:

Happy V Day

wine 011Happy Valentine’s Day! We are headed off to Santa Barbara for a quick getaway. This is a picture of us in Santa Barbara circa 2006. We had been dating about two years. Look how dorky we look! :)

This and That

thisandthatMoMA PS1, renovation, concert, juice cleanse, Dug, R2, wedding dress shopping with K – it’s been a busy couple of weeks

Aaron’s Birthday at Providence

Saturday night we went to Providence in LA to celebrate Aaron’s birthday. It’s safe to say, it’s one of the best meals we’ve ever had. We went with the 9 course tasting menu with wine pairing .. nom nom doesn’t even begin to describe it.


02-08-14 Aaron's Birthday at Providence 003

02-08-14 Aaron's Birthday at Providence 007

02-08-14 Aaron's Birthday at Providence 010

02-08-14 Aaron's Birthday at Providence 012

02-08-14 Aaron's Birthday at Providence 013

02-08-14 Aaron's Birthday at Providence 018

02-08-14 Aaron's Birthday at Providence 021

02-08-14 Aaron's Birthday at Providence 024

02-08-14 Aaron's Birthday at Providence 028

02-08-14 Aaron's Birthday at Providence 036 xoxo birthday boy

Puppy on stairs

Happy Friday! Today is Aaron’s birthday so we have a low key dinner planned tonight (somewhere we can bring Dug), a family bowling party tomorrow morning and a very fancy dinner tomorrow night. I’m so excited. I can’t say enough good things about this man and what he’s done for me. It’s a hectic time for us but I hope he feels special and know how important he is this birthday weekend. Here’s a video to send us off to the weekend – this was Dug’s first time on the stairs back in November. oh look how much he’s grown!

MoMA PS1 winner announced

A couple days ago I got the news that we didn’t win PS1 and yesterday moma announced the winning entry. It was a bummer but I was still really proud of our project. The project that won had a very different intention than ours and so goes the nature of competition. Florencia Pita was my thesis adviser and I have always admired her work. It was a pleasure to be a part of the team and inspiring to work for two women who have figured out how to excel at both architecture and motherhood. You can read more about them here.

Here’s the final video:


Oh we’re so close to the end of the renovation – 2 more weeks, almost there! Here are some progress pictures. It may not look like a lot but we’ve been making great strides the past few weeks.








Happy Monday. A couple of weeks ago I found out that our renovation was picked for the renovation diaries series on Apartment Therapy. Along with being able to get my name as a designer out there in the blogsphere just a little bit, it also pays a tiny bit and we can use all the help we can get. In any case, I can’t wait to share with you once they start publishing the posts, in the meantime I thought I’d share some inspiration photos that I pulled together for them but realized never shared on my own blog. It’s always fun to see pulled together photos of nice kitchens and bathrooms ….or is it just me?










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