Cucumber Farmer’s Wife

Photo Aug 28, 2 20 54 PM (1)

Aaron grows a lot of different vegetables on his farm but the one thing that got them started in the very beginning was the cucumber. So I guess that makes me a cucumber farmer’s wife which I think inevitably leads to pickles, don’t you think? This is my first attempt at making pickles and I’m using Persian and Japanese because those are the two types they grow. I also threw in some beets while I was in the pickling mood. I used this recipe for the pickles and this for the beets.

08-29-2014 Pickling 028

Photo Aug 28, 2 30 39 PM

08-29-2014 Pickling 029

08-29-2014 Pickling 030



Popcorn Grits

Photo Aug 27, 5 52 50 PMInspired by binge watching ‘Mind of a Chef’, I made popcorn grits last night. This was featured on the last episode of season 1. It was really yummy but was waaaay too labor intensive! I’m going to have to find another way to make this again without spending an hour on it! The extra time did give me a chance to perfect my poach eggs…almost there. I’m also poaching them the way David Chang talks about it in one of the earlier episodes – poaching it in the shell which should yield a nicer shaped egg.

Photo Aug 27, 8 06 16 PM

Photo Aug 27, 6 52 29 PM

Photo Aug 27, 8 15 50 PMBon Appetite


Currently Hooked on ..

pbs-mind-chef_iPad-Large Have you guys seen the PBS show ‘The Mind of a Chef’? (it’s on Netflix) It’s on its third season but I’m especially loving the first season with chef David Chang, chef of Momofuku in NY. He’s a Korean-American chef with a lot of Japanese influence in his food. He’s very humble and has a great sense of humor which makes the show light-hearted. It’s also inspiring me to try a few new things this week in my own kitchen. In fact, I’m going to try to perfect poaching an egg this week because it just makes every dish better!


Weekend Goodness

Hope you had a lovely weekend. We spent our weekend exploring more of downtown San Diego with Dug. We started off with a Friday night date at Bencotto in Little Italy. It also sits on the first floor of a rather handsome building – it might just be my favorite building so far in San Diego.

08-24-14 Weekend Goodness 001

08-24-14 Weekend Goodness 073

08-24-14 Weekend Goodness 076Saturday morning we mozied over to a new brunch spot in Banker’s Hill … or Hillcrest …I’m still not sure, I’ll figure it out one day. One thing I really love about San Diego is how dog friendly it is. Most restaurants, as long as they have a patio (which is in this restaurant’s name!) will welcome your dog with a nice water bowl.

08-24-14 Weekend Goodness 033

08-24-14 Weekend Goodness 031

08-24-14 Weekend Goodness 012

08-24-14 Weekend Goodness 015

08-24-14 Weekend Goodness 009

Photo Aug 23, 12 55 02 PM

08-24-14 Weekend Goodness 016

08-24-14 Weekend Goodness 022That right there is a crawfish cake benedict … need I say more?

After brunch we walked around the neighborhood – we found some nice stores and Dug found a dog bakery!

08-24-14 Weekend Goodness 047

08-24-14 Weekend Goodness 051

08-24-14 Weekend Goodness 049

08-24-14 Weekend Goodness 042

08-24-14 Weekend Goodness 039

08-24-14 Weekend Goodness 044Then we stopped by Balboa Park’s dog park so Dug can mingle and network.

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08-24-14 Weekend Goodness 056

08-24-14 Weekend Goodness 063

08-24-14 Weekend Goodness 103

08-24-14 Weekend Goodness 113

08-24-14 Weekend Goodness 099see, networking

Photo Aug 24, 2 26 40 PMWe topped the weekend off with some delicious bbq at a friend’s house. I couldn’t resist picking up these antique hydrangeas for the hostess.


Untitled-1I’m no graphic designer but sometimes I get caught up with all the free fonts out there that I virtually doodle for hours. This is what I’ve been doing all morning when I should be working on floor plans.


Weekend Snippets

Photo Aug 16, 12 20 45 PMDug’s weekend pretty much looked like this while ours looked a little different. The weekend was filled with lunch with long time high school friend that came down from LA, house warming party where we played games and met new people, more new church visits, furniture delivery (so in love with our dresser!) and more friends visiting from Virginia. We really are blessed to have friends in SD before we even moved and can’t wait to hang out with them more … especially since we met someone this weekend who owns 5 bbq grills in their backyard. I mean, come on … instant BFF.

Photo Aug 17, 8 43 09 PMI’ve tried to kidnap her multiple times on Sunday – and then I realize I have no idea how to keep her alive so I gave her back to her mama. oh well.

Photo Aug 15, 9 23 50 PMA housewarming gift for my good friend – and then I decided I needed to get one to warm my own house with.

Photo Aug 17, 9 59 48 PMI didn’t think I could be so in love with a dresser. Our carpenter really outdone himself this time.