Weekend Goodness

Hope everyone had a good weekend. A couple of our good friends came down from LA to spend the weekend with us – it was so good to see them! The weekend included visiting a couple local breweries, rummaging through goodies at a garage sale, eating out on the deck of our favorite neighborhood restaurant, making brunch together, baking plum torte, chopping salsa, making craft beer ice cream and kayaking through the La Jolla coves…we got so close to baby sea lions! Here are some pictures – not pictured was the kayaking trip and thank goodness because Aaron and I flipped over so had we had our phones, they would’ve been at the bottom of the ocean right now. hashtag fail.

Photo Jul 20, 10 52 14 PMI’ve come to really enjoy my morning laptop-coffee-egg-me time :) Good for the soul.
Photo Jul 19, 5 31 23 PMWe visited two local breweries this time (San Diego, to our surprise, has around 100 microbreweries): Saint Archer & Ballast Point
Photo Jul 19, 2 48 05 PMIt seems crazy to me that I’m just NOW learning how to make my own salsa. I’m so addicted to this stuff!

Photo Jul 19, 1 43 08 PM

Photo Jul 19, 3 04 20 PMPlum Torte: recipe from Smitten Kitchen

Photo Jul 20, 10 51 12 PM

Photo Jul 20, 10 37 43 PMBeer ice cream: recipe from America’s Test Kitchen

Dress Painting

Photo Jul 18, 12 08 24 PMThree years ago when I was planning our wedding I had came across Lauren Maurer’s artwork on Etsy where she would paint portraits of people’s wedding dresses with pencil and watercolor. I loved it, but you know how wedding planning goes – everything costs way more than what you want to pay so I didn’t have the heart to spend more money on something that was just a keepsake for me in the end. A month ago I was in search for a bridal shower gift for K and decided this would be perfect, so I was able to get both her and mine dress painted. Voila! Three years later, you are finally mine! (you can see pictures of the actual dress here :))



Here are some things I’ve been drooling over lately as I try to finish up the house. OooOoO we are so close to being finished I can taste it!

(The lights are from Schoolhouse Electric Co. – I want everything from there! The bed is from Brookstone – surprised right? and everything else from West Elm – because when in doubt, go to West Elm)

Suzie’s Farm

Did I ever mention Aaron runs a farm? Well, now you know, I’m married to a farmer!  Ok ok, he doesn’t actually farm as in being out on the field but instead runs the business. One of the things that we’ve been wanting to do is visit and meet local farmers as well as chefs that value cooking with fresh and local farmed ingredients. Most of what Aaron’s farm grow goes directly to markets across the country, so this is sort of a side venture that we are exploring, wanting to be more connected to the local food community … plus doesn’t it sound fun to visit nearby farms and restaurants?! This past weekend we visited the only urban organic farm in San Diego, Suzie’s Farm. I’ve been seeing their names everywhere since we’ve moved down here. They’re at wholefoods, farmer’s market, menus in restaurants … it’s quite impressive and worth learning from! They grow seasonal organic produce as well as run a fairly extensive educational programs for kids. oh and chickens!

Photo Jul 12, 12 40 17 PM

Photo Jul 12, 1 20 54 PM

Photo Jul 12, 1 13 10 PMThey grow some beautiful stuff: heirloom radish, armenian cucumber and yellow back squash (I think that’s what it’s called)

Photo Jun 21, 4 28 31 PM

Photo Jul 15, 4 22 07 PMThe best part was of course coming home armed with fresh veggies…and we’re still working our way through it.

Photo Jul 15, 6 31 26 PM  Photo Jul 13, 2 05 12 PM

Dog Beach


Since moving, one of our best discovery in La Jolla is the dog beach. There are so many to choose from and everyone (and their dogs) are so friendly. It’s dog heaven!05-03-14 Dug Beach 004



05-03-14 Dug Beach 016

05-03-14 Dug Beach 010

05-03-14 Dug Beach 003



Last weekend I had the privilege of being a part of my dear friend K’s wedding day. I have tons of pictures to share but until I get it all organized, here’s a little film that captured the behind the scenes of the day. You’ll have to excuse the music – when K and I lived together, we use to sing along to High School Musical (among other things that we were too old for) :)

click here and here to see other iphone movies

Picca & Tasting Kitchen

As you know I’ve been cooking a lot … it’s how I nest, it’s how I deal with tough times, it’s how I take care of my loved ones … cooking has always been important to me. But after a while, I get kind of bored with my repertoire of dishes so I like to try new restaurants and get inspiration from there. Aaron and I were in LA this past long weekend and were able to hit up a couple of new places for dinner. It’s hard not like living in La Jolla with the beautiful beaches and lovely weather but when it comes to food, LA will always have my heart … I mean, my stomach. (who am I kidding, that’s pretty much my heart)

Photo Jul 03, 6 25 30 PM

Photo Jul 03, 6 23 10 PM

Photo Jul 03, 6 53 08 PMPicca / 9575 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90035

Photo Jul 07, 7 23 49 PM

Photo Jul 07, 7 42 11 PM

Photo Jul 07, 7 46 21 PM

Photo Jul 07, 7 49 51 PMTasting Kitchen / 1633 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291


Wow I can’t believe it’s been 4 months since I’ve posted. During the past four months, a couple things happened that were both devastating and overwhelming. I’ve thought a lot about how much to share here and truthfully I’m not ready to talk about either as I’m still processing and recovering so I hope you’ll understand. Maybe in a couple more months I’ll find the right words, in the meantime I’m back. After the big and much anticipated move in March, Aaron and I had to spend some time away from La Jolla. About three weeks ago we came back home to heal – emotionally, physically, mentally – and we feel so blessed to have a home to come back to even though it was filled with sawdust and packed boxes. Since then I’ve spend a lot of time nesting – unpacking, cooking, settling in. We’re also blessed with such a supportive family and close group of friends that we’ve been able to spend some much needed time with them as well. After the rough few months that we’ve had, it’s been a restorative few weeks. At the end of the day, we are grateful and would choose this life, no matter how challenging it might be, with each other than a smooth, perfect life any other way. This is what life has been looking like the past few weeks ….



It’s been a little quiet over here, sorry about that. My mind and heart have been heavy with some inconclusive news. It’s one of those things where we won’t know for sure for another couple of weeks so I’ve been in limbo with a bit of grey cloud over my head. Regardless, we still moved last week and there are still many things to be grateful for so here are some snapshots of our week.

Photo Feb 20, 8 45 42 PMour first meal in the house

Photo Feb 22, 2 21 34 PM

Photo Feb 22, 4 23 31 PM

Photo Feb 22, 4 23 29 PM

Photo Feb 22, 12 19 42 PM

Photo Feb 20, 3 34 18 PM

Photo Feb 23, 2 53 36 PMWe had some of our furniture made to fit the nooks and cranny of this place. This guy can make anything!

Photo Feb 24, 10 00 23 AMHe made this too!

Photo Feb 20, 6 07 25 PM

Photo Feb 20, 6 45 52 PMDug picked his room

Photo Feb 20, 3 57 25 PM

Photo Mar 02, 9 36 59 AM

Photo Mar 02, 12 56 45 PM

Photo Mar 01, 8 28 19 PM

Valentines Weekend at Santa Barbara

02-14-14 Santa Barbara (D90) 014Santa Barbara wine country

02-14-14 Santa Barbara (D90) 035

02-14-14 Santa Barbara (D90) 027

02-14-14 Santa Barbara (D800) 004

02-14-14 Santa Barbara (D800) 012

02-14-14 Santa Barbara (D800) 014

02-14-14 Santa Barbara (D800) 016

02-14-14 Santa Barbara (D800) 051Our B&B host

02-14-14 Santa Barbara (D800) 070Smitty the dog

02-14-14 Santa Barbara (D800) 053

02-14-14 Santa Barbara (D800) 077Best in town.

02-14-14 Santa Barbara (D800) 078We haven’t had wild boar ragu since we’ve been back from Tuscany. I’d drive back up there just to have another plate.

02-14-14 Santa Barbara (D800) 079

02-14-14 Santa Barbara (D800) 063

02-14-14 Santa Barbara (D800) 064

02-14-14 Santa Barbara (D800) 066We’re not big fans of dessert wine but this one is like liquid honey!

02-14-14 Santa Barbara (D800) 095Stopped by Solvang to feed the ostriches.

02-14-14 Santa Barbara (D90) 114

02-14-14 Santa Barbara (D90) 063

02-14-14 Santa Barbara (D90) 075

02-14-14 Santa Barbara (D90) 108

02-14-14 Santa Barbara (D90) 106


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