Untitled-1I’m no graphic designer but sometimes I get caught up with all the free fonts out there that I virtually doodle for hours. This is what I’ve been doing all morning when I should be working on floor plans.


Weekend Snippets

Photo Aug 16, 12 20 45 PMDug’s weekend pretty much looked like this while ours looked a little different. The weekend was filled with lunch with long time high school friend that came down from LA, house warming party where we played games and met new people, more new church visits, furniture delivery (so in love with our dresser!) and more friends visiting from Virginia. We really are blessed to have friends in SD before we even moved and can’t wait to hang out with them more … especially since we met someone this weekend who owns 5 bbq grills in their backyard. I mean, come on … instant BFF.

Photo Aug 17, 8 43 09 PMI’ve tried to kidnap her multiple times on Sunday – and then I realize I have no idea how to keep her alive so I gave her back to her mama. oh well.

Photo Aug 15, 9 23 50 PMA housewarming gift for my good friend – and then I decided I needed to get one to warm my own house with.

Photo Aug 17, 9 59 48 PMI didn’t think I could be so in love with a dresser. Our carpenter really outdone himself this time.

Mystery flower

There is a little floral shop in the village that carries the most unique and beautiful flowers. Aaron’s family is also in the flower business and his older sister now runs the flowershop –  even when I took my sister in law to this shop she was impressed by the selection and the price! Anyways, I was there a couple of days ago and discovered this beauty. They wrote down the name for me but I can’t seem to find it on the internet anywhere so for now these are mystery flowers. Anyone seen these before? know what they’re called? I like the pale pink color and the way they droop from the weight of the petals.

UPDATE: My sister in law just text me: Pieris Japonica – mystery solved.

Photo Aug 12, 12 52 58 PM

Summer Grilling

04-17-14 Dug R2 029We finally got ourselves a grill for the tree house. Let the summer grilling began! Here are a few quick snapshots of last night’s feast.

Photo Aug 10, 6 01 54 PMAaron was bedridden this weekend from his back injury so I put the grill together alllll by myself. Not true, he had to come help me … but I put 80% of it together allll by myself.

04-17-14 Dug R2 005I asked Dug to set the table

04-17-14 Dug R2 021We had our friends over who are expecting and these super hot jalapeno was hitting the spot for her! They’re going to have a pepper baby just you watch.

04-17-14 Dug R2 015

04-17-14 Dug R2 007

04-17-14 Dug R2 034

04-17-14 Dug R2 031

04-17-14 Dug R2 024

04-17-14 Dug R2 036

Photo Aug 11, 7 18 18 PMahhh, we need more of these summer nights.

04-17-14 Dug R2 037we decided to celebrate all of our birthdays because that’s how long its been since we’ve gotten together.

Dug lately

It’s been a while since I’ve smothered you with some puppy love … may I?

D8N_7213poor puggle, look at that look of fear in her eyes!



Photo Aug 03, 6 21 04 PM

Photo Aug 03, 6 06 02 PM

Photo Aug 06, 2 16 58 PMBrothers! Even though R2 is living with my mom temporarily, they will eventually have to learn to live together as siblings. One day they will accept the fact that neither of them are an only child.
Photo Aug 02, 1 36 50 PMSaturday morning farmer’s market buddy


Photo Jul 25, 12 40 04 PM

Photo Aug 03, 10 57 06 PMDug’s understanding a lot more of what we’re saying than we give him credit for. I’m pretty certain he understands “give Aaron a kiss”
Photo Aug 03, 10 05 57 AMHe starts off in his bed every night and this is what I find every.single.morning

Currently reading …


What’s on your summer reading list? do share! I’m working my way through “The Interestings” … which is a lot more interesting than the title sounds. It follows a group of kids that met at a elite artistic summer camp through their lives and the writing keeps the pages turning! The only problem is finding a good chunk of time to sit down and just read – maybe this afternoon.

Dim Sum More

Photo Aug 03, 1 23 49 PM

We’ve been visiting churches down here in San Diego and haven’t quite found the one we will call home just yet. (although I’m feeling like we might be close) What’s just as important as finding the right church is finding the right food to eat after church. After our church visit this Sunday, we made our way over to a nearby chinese restaurant for dim sum. At least we got the dim-sum-after-church part covered for now.

I told Aaron that we can only eat dim sum at places with dim sum carts and dim sum cart ladies. When I was little, I wanted to be a dim sum cart lady when I grew up. I would push around our side table in the living room pretending to be serving others dim sum. While the ladies made their second round on Sunday, they kept smiling at us and saying “More dim sum?” I leaned over to Aaron and said “They should say ‘dim sum more?'” Aaron responded “Wow, it’s a shame you never got to be a dim sum lady. all this good skill wasted” I know. I know.

Photo Aug 03, 1 44 37 PM

Photo Aug 03, 2 07 44 PM