Happy Easter

16-03-27 Little Piglet Day-291 (Dug Heaven) 020Look at that form! That glorious beagle formπŸ˜› It’s Easter Sunday and we decided to take Dug out after church to his favorite park. It’s been a while since we’ve been here. It was an especially beautiful day with lots of dogs and daisies blooming. Happy Easter – He is risen!

16-03-27 Little Piglet Day-291 (Dug Heaven) 009

16-03-27 Little Piglet Day-291 (Dug Heaven) 012

16-03-27 Little Piglet Day-291 (Dug Heaven) 006

16-03-27 Little Piglet Day-291 (Dug Heaven) 005

16-03-27 Little Piglet Day-291 (Dug Heaven) 003

16-03-27 Little Piglet Day-291 (Dug Heaven) 030

Photo Mar 27, 3 14 23 PM

16-03-27 Little Piglet Day-291 (Dug Heaven) 040

16-03-27 Little Piglet Day-291 (Dug Heaven) 037

16-03-27 Little Piglet Day-291 (Dug Heaven) 053.EC

Photo Mar 27, 4 02 44 PM




Nine Months

03-20-16 Little Piglet Day-284 183Baby girl turned 9 months last week and in the 90% tile for weight, height and head size. She loves cheerio (so does Dug) and can feed herself an entire meal. She is showing no interest in crawling but stands well and starting to cruise. She might go straight to walking just like her Mama. She can clap, sing and wave on command. She can say mamamamum daaaddaaadaa and when she’s happy she’ll say naaanaaanaa. I thought I wanted her to freeze at 6 months but I think I want her to stay 9 months forever. Please baby girl, don’t grow up so fast.

03-20-16 Little Piglet Day-284 012EC

03-20-16 Little Piglet Day-284 019EC

03-20-16 Little Piglet Day-284 033

03-20-16 Little Piglet Day-284 040

03-20-16 Little Piglet Day-284 086EC

03-20-16 Little Piglet Day-284 095EC

03-20-16 Little Piglet Day-284 108EC

03-20-16 Little Piglet Day-284 112

03-20-16 Little Piglet Day-284 117

03-20-16 Little Piglet Day-284 118

03-20-16 Little Piglet Day-284 131


Valentines Day

02-14-16 Little Piglet Day-249 069Growing up my dad would give me flowers on valentines day every year. I’m glad Ella will grow up the exact same way. Nothing fancy this year for vday since we just went out for Aaron’s birthday and wanted to spend the day with Ella. Oh how life has changed – for the better. 02-14-16 Little Piglet Day-249 056

02-14-16 Little Piglet Day-249 076

02-14-16 Little Piglet Day-249 082

02-14-16 Little Piglet Day-249 138

02-14-16 Little Piglet Day-249 132

02-14-16 Little Piglet Day-249 129

02-14-16 Little Piglet Day-249 147xoxo


Photo Jan 17, 10 10 52 AM

Four days after I had Ella, I signed up for the Disney Star Wars Half Marathon thinking that by the time Ella turned 6 months, she would be so self sufficient that I would have all the time in the world to train for a race. Rookie mistake … or should I say Wookie mistak. haaaaaa. I like to joke that my friend Court took advantage of my postpartum vulnerability by talking me into signing up for this race but the truth is I’m so glad she did. Even if I didn’t get a chance to train for it, it certainly jump started my running again. She was such a good sport, running along side of me when she could’ve probably finished in half the time. Continue reading “STAR WARS HALF MARATHON”