Chinese New Year

Tonight is Chinese New Year’s Eve. CNY is one of my favorite holidays (it may even surpass Christmas shhh) mostly because of one thing: the food. My family has tradition of making this one vegetable dish made from 10 different vegetables. Each vegetables name is a homonym for a blessing in Chinese ie prosperous, health etc. This dish has been in my dad’s side of the family for generations and its not something you normally can find in restaurant or even other Chinese family homes. Growing up, I had aunts that lived all over the world but come CNY they would make this dish and mail samples of it to each other and my grandma. Because the recipe that has been passed down doesn’t have exact measurements, everything’s made based on taste and therefore everyone’s dish is a little different. This year mom finally waited for me to be home before making it so I can learn the entire process. My uncle is visiting briefly this week from Taiwan so we will make sure that he brings some back for my grandma to taste. Happy Snake Year!


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