Class 302

There’s a restaurant in Irvine with a theme of a school house – now that’s not so special except this is a chinese school house. I went to school up until 2nd grade in Taiwan and this restaurant brings back so many memories. The wooden chairs and tables – the ugly school bags we had to carry – the metal bento boxes that the janitors would heat up for us before lunch – all the asian stationary that we would pass notes on in class. Perhaps this doesn’t strike a chord with most people but for me, it’s like visiting my old elementary school and having lunch there. The food’s great too – they’ve got all the traditional taiwanese street food including stinky tofu and oyster pancake. Check their reviews out here.



_DSC0382Aaron ordered the Spicy Taiwanese Shabu ^^

002these cups are huge^^


_DSC0398^^I ordered the railroad bento box – this is what they use to serve on the train in taiwan!

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