Palm Springs

We went to Palm Springs this past weekend on a whim. I was already excited about the gorgeous mid century hotels but when we got there we found out it was modernist week! I wish I had done my research and bought the architecture tour before it was sold out, but we did catch the modern living expo! Not too bad for a spontaneous weekend trip.

palmsprings1^^ the salad and pizza are from Matchbox.

palmsprings2^^We had seen Marilyn when we were at Chicago in 2011, it’s now in Palm Springs until June of 2013 – welcome to cali, Marilyn! Also, anyone know what these guys are playing? circular chess?

palmsprings3^^ dear santa, I would like an eames chair for christmas, thank you. (that’s right, Santa reads my blog)

palmsprings4^^of course, no modernist week would be complete without theCoolhaus truck! I had a dirty mint chip ice cream sandwich while Aaron helped the kids out.

palmsprings5most of these were taken at the Parker Hotel ^^

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