Attachment (patio edition)

One of the first things Aaron said to me when we first started home hunting was ‘don’t get attached too early.’ Rightly so, since even if we were to get this place, I still have to finish my thesis in LA and this will become a rental/investment for us until we wrap up things up in LA. But I just can’t help myself! I have an urge to nest at every possible moment, so here’s something I put together for the bbq area just outside the kitchen and dining room of this townhome we’re hoping to get. One of the reason we really like this place is because it has two outdoor areas which is hard to find in a townhome. The first is a yard in the front and the second is a bbq area just outside the dining room and kitchen. There’s even a window from the kitchen, so that you can hand food in and out of this area. It’s big enough for 4 people to eat comfortably and small enough to be cozy. A note about the artificial turf: I would’ve never thought of putting fake grass in my house but the last few years I’ve been seeing them in design offices and they give a quirky atmosphere that I really adore. It seem like the perfect fit for a small outdoor area.


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