Weekend Snapshots (part 1)

We had to make another trip down to La Jolla this weekend to make a counter offer on a counter offer on a offer …oy! At least we finally had the time to visit the Salk Institute, designed by Louis Kahn. Remember the documentary, My Architect back in 2003 – well, if you do then you’ll remember that last scene where his son roller blades around the Salk Institute. It was quite beautiful, but as we were leaving we saw a bunch of what I now know as paragliders. I mean, I’ve para-sailed before, but this is different. Paragliding requires you to literally jump off the cliff. Actually at first, what I saw was a bunch of people hanging out at a grassy area on top of a cliff. There were dogs and kids – then people would leisurely lay out their equipment, strap themselves on, and jump off a cliff. It all looked so easy – as if anyone can do it if you had the parachutes. It was amazing! I later found out, it is cost about $2000 worth of class to get certified and another few grand on equipment before you can leisurely jump off the cliff. But man, it sure looked worth it! (more pictures to come)


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