Two Years Ago

000It’s our two year anniversary! Our second year of marriage was bitter sweet. It has been a hard year for me with illness in my family and yet it allowed Aaron to show me just how far he will go to support me. I felt like I’ve been shattered to a million pieces and he’s just been faithfully putting me back together. No one will ever know the depth and breath of what he has done for me and I’m confident now that we’ve survived this, we can overcome anything. Now, if you’ll indulge me, I will share some pictures from our wedding…because it was a spectacular day.










2 thoughts on “Two Years Ago

    1. thank you. I too love that frame – it was quite high off the ground so it was comical watching me climb on there with my dress and heels 🙂 Happy Planning! I have so many good memories planning the wedding and you will too!

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