hey world! I’m an architect

1Hey world, I’m back! Sorry for the hiatus but I’ve been busy finishing up my thesis so I can graduate with a masters in ARCHITECTURE woohoo! It took me 4.5 years (with a year of break) to get this masters and it was so worth it! Earlier this month, I got to present my thesis project to a very intimidating panel of jury including:Sylvia Lavin /Jeff Kipnis / Paola Antonelli / Evan Douglas / Kristy Balliet / Michael Speaks  along with Sci-ARC faculty Andrew Zago / Elena Manferdini / Todd Gannon / Florencia Pita (advisor) Intimidating to say the least but overall it was a good review. During graduation I was awarded the merit thesis award which was flattering and unexpected with so many great projects this year. It was a great way to end my time at SCI-Arc. Here are some pictures of the project and graduation weekend.

Photo Aug 17, 12 58 50 PM









Photo Sep 08, 4 50 02 PM


Photo Sep 08, 6 15 54 PM

Photo Sep 14, 12 02 57 PM

Photo Sep 20, 7 19 02 PM

Photo Sep 20, 7 05 09 PM

Photo Sep 07, 7 07 09 PMEmily Chen Choi  –  over and out

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