Demo Day 1

_DSC0764aLast Friday was the first day of remodel ..wohooo! FINALLY! I especially love this picture above because that’s how my life feels right now …a total mess but also the beginning of something good. 2012-2013 has been rough on us and part of it was due to splitting our time between LA, OC and SD. We’ve just been aching for our own home as we spread ourselves thin between school, work and taking care of illness in the family. This marks the beginning of us setting down roots and building a home… and the day we ripped out that disgusting carpet.

_DSC0789Within the first 10 min of demo we ran into structural problems. I mean, I am a licensed structural engineer! I went in there and poked holes and was sure all the walls I want out were non structural but of course the first wall we opened was a plumbing wall and another had this strange structural beam. It just goes to show, no matter how much you plan ahead, you just never know til demo day what’s behind those walls. In any case, I think we’re ok – I’m restructuring around the beam and the plan is still to open up that staircase and put in railings. There’s a sky light at the top of that staircase so by opening it up it will be so much more spacious and bright.




_DSC0781Ladies and gentlemen, this is what we poured our live saving into! Luckily this was all just on the drywall, so we ripped out half of the drywall in the kitchen. Oh the joy of purchasing a fixer upper!

_DSC0816ta daaa~~~ not to bad for a days work eh?

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