Marugame Monzo

08-18-13 Marugame Monzo 022A while ago we discovered Marugame Monzo when Aaron was over at SCI Arc a lot helping me with thesis. We use to always go to Daikokuya for ramen but decided to give Monzo a try since it was right next door. The line wasn’t much shorter, but they make their ramen by hand! Everything was so good – I think we went back twice in one week. The sea urchin ramen was one of our favorites.

08-18-13 Marugame Monzo 002

08-18-13 Marugame Monzo 006

08-18-13 Marugame Monzo 018

08-18-13 Marugame Monzo 016

08-18-13 Marugame Monzo 010

1aPhotos courtesy of Aaron Choi

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