Cleanse Reboot

Photo Oct 13, 7 21 30 PMClearly I didn’t do enough research about a juice cleanse! I knew it was going to be tough with the hunger and possible fatigue, I had no idea the whole spectrum of symptoms. The problem started the second day when I had this mind numbing migraine with a full body ache, not to mention I basically would just pass out for a few hour nap at a time. It was so strange! I started to wonder if I was coming down with the flu – my throat even began to hurt. It didn’t help that we were out all weekend which made all the aches and pain worse. By Sunday I was pretty much ready to surrender and the picture above was what my father-in-law (yes, my very traditional korean father-in-law does most of the cooking over at their house 🙂 )made for dinner so I just gave in. Later I did more research and realize that all my reactions were normal. I probably didn’t do enough to get rid of the toxin like staying hydrated and setting aside some time to stay home and take it easy. Here are things I probably should’ve kept in mind this past weekend. Knowing that and having sort of eased my way into a cleanse, I’m going to try again. Wish me luck again?

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