Renovation Update: Puzzle Construction

Ok there’s been a lot of interviewing of contractors and finding out that they can do this, or can’t do that, or can’t do this unless they do that … it’s been very tedious. Then comes the estimates which I then compare to fabricator/supplier estimates and try to decide between piecing all the tradesman myself or pay a contractor the extra fee to oversee everything. Oh, and there’s also the matter of time. Not to mention, we are doing half of the work ourselves with “our own people” (people that work for Aaron’s family farm) so there are a lot of coordinating involved. I know it’s unconventional but we’re hoping by splitting things up like this we can save a good amount of money. It looks like we’ll make our final decisions this week and then we can finally move on with the work!

Now that I’m done updating you on the boring stuff here are some fun things we’ve been working on. Aaron and I have been going over the layout for the kitchen! We’ve tried so many options and I think we’ve finally decided on one. It’s the simplest and it makes the most amount of sense. There are a few factors to consider in our kitchen:

1) multiple entries (entry from the garage is behind the refrigerator)

2) structural column that we cannot move

3) how to use the space underneath the stairs

Here are a couple rough renderings:



On a side note, we ALMOST went with cabinets from IKEA. It was so inexpensive and already in stock that it was hard not to get it from them. However, as we all know, it’s not made with the best material and that bothered me probably more than it should. I then did some research and asked around the contractors and was given the name of pre-fab cabinet place in San Diego. The price they quoted me was pretty much the same as IKEA but the best part was that it was made of maple wood …real wood, imagine that! I’m bringing in someone who can do some custom work along with the cabinets like molding, wine rack and book shelves so that it will have a custom look.

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