Before / After

Untitled-1Yesterday was a magical day. We’ve been wanting to open up the staircase but there was a structural beam holding up the roof that was in the way. But not only that, the solution would involve rerouting the plumbing and rebuilding about 1/3 of the stairs. We thought we couldn’t afford it even with me being the engineer, we still didn’t want to pay so much for the construction. Then one of Aaron’s manager who was helping us demo said he can bring his licensed contractor friend over for a day and do it for $350. I was not a believer. I didn’t think they could do it in one day and I didn’t think for $350 we could get it done, but guess what …that’s exactly what they did. I was so beyond impressed! I just kept gawking at him as he was working in super sonic speed. We were so pleased with the result and note the natural lighting coming in from the sky light above. We also have a time laps video – will post that soon. Merry Christmas to me!

Photo Oct 17, 10 45 57 AM

Photo Oct 17, 1 37 14 PM

Photo Oct 17, 3 44 34 PM


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