Date with myself

Photo Dec 16, 3 29 15 PMSometimes I go to a restaurant or a movie or a museum by myself. It’s not often since I like to get together with friends and certainly like to go on dates with my husband …BUT sometimes I would take half a day and be by myself. And I don’t mean read a book, watch tv or stay home, actually go out and do activities. I never thought it was strange, in fact, I find these days empowering. It never occurred to me as strange until a friend told me how she would never think do to any of that by herself. In college I use to travel to the east coast or Europe to visit my friends who are studying abroad. During the day, they would have class so I would just be out exploring by myself. I loved it! I never felt lonely or bored, but I know most people don’t prefer to travel alone. Don’t get me wrong, I love people, I love hanging out with people … it’s just sometimes I like hanging out with myself. Am I alone on this?

One thought on “Date with myself

  1. I do this all the time! I like to take myself out on dates too — shopping, go to a spa, grab coffee & people-watch (and dog-watch), go to restaurants, libraries, you name it! You’re not alone đŸ™‚

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