eye candy

Happy New Year! Truthfully I’m a bit relieved that the holidays are over. While I’m grateful for all the time I get to spent with friends and family, this year it just left me feeling a bit off. However, I’m excited to get 2014 started and look forward getting settled in our new home (hopefully soon). In the meantime, I have some mouth watering eye candy to share. We have some friends visiting this week so we managed to fit another meal at Animal in before the end of the year. If you remember we first went in April here … and it was so good that we then compared everything else we ate for the rest of the year to that meal. Seriously, if you live in LA and haven’t tried – it’s worth eating ramen for a week and splurge on a meal here.

12-29-13 Animal 010

12-29-13 Animal 011

12-29-13 Animal 012

12-29-13 Animal 025

12-29-13 Animal 023

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