Save the Date

My good friend K is getting married!!! They just booked the Academy of Science for July of this year so needless to say they have a lot to do. They’ve asked me to help out with the planning because I’m kind of a control but organized freak when it comes to this sorts of stuff. Yesterday I designed a few save-the-dates for her to choose. In the Academy of Science’s lobby is a T-Rex skeleton so we ran with that for the design, what do you think? It’s likely I will do her invitations as well, so I’m thinking about making admissions tickets, program maps, the whole nine yard … it’s make-it-work time!






… and then I got all nostalgic and went digging through my computer for our Save the Dates, wanna see?



oh the joys of planning your wedding with your girlfriends! I had so many special memories of my girlfriends helping me out before our wedding – oh the things they did for me! Bringing me pashminas as favors from London and not being able to fit it all in the suitcase. Gluing envelope liners. Bagging carrots. Tagging flip flops. Wrapping my out of town guests’ presents. Baking cookies. Making mustaches straws. I had an insane amount of random work for them, but it was all so much fun to do together. You can see their lovely faces and how their handy work turned out here.


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