Dog Beach


Since moving, one of our best discovery in La Jolla is the dog beach. There are so many to choose from and everyone (and their dogs) are so friendly. It’s dog heaven!05-03-14 Dug Beach 004



05-03-14 Dug Beach 016

05-03-14 Dug Beach 010

05-03-14 Dug Beach 003


9 thoughts on “Dog Beach

  1. A dog beach? How cool! I get nervous around dogs though. Only because I grew up in Kenya where they were rarely ever pets – just scary barking working dogs 😦

      1. Hi Emily!
        I can’t really find anything about running or your blog when I search for it. Am I missing something?
        If you could reply on my blog, that’d be great, because then I get a notification!

        If you could answer these questions I can personalize the questions for you:
        – Indoor/Outdoor runner?
        – Alone/together?
        – Have you done races?
        – Are you a sprinter or a long distance runner?

        Thank you! :]

  2. So fun! I do remember that SD was very dog friendly! I distinctly remember the last time I visited SD, most of the dogs were off leash (even in downtown!) & we stood out like a sore thumb because Louie is not trained off leash.

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