Suzie’s Farm

Did I ever mention Aaron runs a farm? Well, now you know, I’m married to a farmer!  Ok ok, he doesn’t actually farm as in being out on the field but instead runs the business. One of the things that we’ve been wanting to do is visit and meet local farmers as well as chefs that value cooking with fresh and local farmed ingredients. Most of what Aaron’s farm grow goes directly to markets across the country, so this is sort of a side venture that we are exploring, wanting to be more connected to the local food community … plus doesn’t it sound fun to visit nearby farms and restaurants?! This past weekend we visited the only urban organic farm in San Diego, Suzie’s Farm. I’ve been seeing their names everywhere since we’ve moved down here. They’re at wholefoods, farmer’s market, menus in restaurants … it’s quite impressive and worth learning from! They grow seasonal organic produce as well as run a fairly extensive educational programs for kids. oh and chickens!

Photo Jul 12, 12 40 17 PM

Photo Jul 12, 1 20 54 PM

Photo Jul 12, 1 13 10 PMThey grow some beautiful stuff: heirloom radish, armenian cucumber and yellow back squash (I think that’s what it’s called)

Photo Jun 21, 4 28 31 PM

Photo Jul 15, 4 22 07 PMThe best part was of course coming home armed with fresh veggies…and we’re still working our way through it.

Photo Jul 15, 6 31 26 PM  Photo Jul 13, 2 05 12 PM

3 thoughts on “Suzie’s Farm

  1. i don’t want to sound like i’m passing off working on a farm like it’s easy stuff but i always told my husband how i would love to learn how to farm and go live on one and get away from both city and suburban life. 🙂 hard work but i feel like you can reap lots of benefits as well.

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