Weekend Goodness

Hope everyone had a good weekend. A couple of our good friends came down from LA to spend the weekend with us – it was so good to see them! The weekend included visiting a couple local breweries, rummaging through goodies at a garage sale, eating out on the deck of our favorite neighborhood restaurant, making brunch together, baking plum torte, chopping salsa, making craft beer ice cream and kayaking through the La Jolla coves…we got so close to baby sea lions! Here are some pictures – not pictured was the kayaking trip and thank goodness because Aaron and I flipped over so had we had our phones, they would’ve been at the bottom of the ocean right now. hashtag fail.

Photo Jul 20, 10 52 14 PMI’ve come to really enjoy my morning laptop-coffee-egg-me time 🙂 Good for the soul.
Photo Jul 19, 5 31 23 PMWe visited two local breweries this time (San Diego, to our surprise, has around 100 microbreweries): Saint Archer & Ballast Point
Photo Jul 19, 2 48 05 PMIt seems crazy to me that I’m just NOW learning how to make my own salsa. I’m so addicted to this stuff!

Photo Jul 19, 1 43 08 PM

Photo Jul 19, 3 04 20 PMPlum Torte: recipe from Smitten Kitchen

Photo Jul 20, 10 51 12 PM

Photo Jul 20, 10 37 43 PMBeer ice cream: recipe from America’s Test Kitchen

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