Homesick for DTLA

Aaron and I both grew up in suburbs of LA, met at UCLA and we’re pretty sure we’ll eventually make our way back to LA to raise our family. Growing up we never hung out around downtown LA – it was always a little sketchy. The only time we would go is for the occasional dim sum, wedding (at the dim sum restaurant) or to catch a LA phil concert. Then in 2009 I started my masters program at SCI Arc which was in the art district, smack in the middle of downtown. As with all architecture programs, even though I lived on the westside, I pretty much spend most of my time at school. Luckily in the last few years, the art district have really blossomed. It’s becoming a trendier place to hang out and new hip restaurants are popping up left and right. But the best part of downtown in my opinion are the old buildings. Oh man, there are so many beautiful facades and brick buildings (I don’t want to get all nerdy but it’s not easy finding brick buildings in LA because of our earthquake codes. It takes a lot of money and work to retrofit an old brick building and sometimes it’s just much cheaper and easier to knock it down) This morning I saw Ian Wood’s DTLA video filmed with gopro and a drone …so lovely! and it made me a little homesick.

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