Earlier this month, we drove up to San Francisco for Kristie’s wedding and on the way back we took the scenic rout. The section from Big Sur down to Hearst Castle was so beautiful especially with the fog. Here are some pictures from the road:

Photo Jul 06, 4 11 34 PMBig Sur – no filter!

Photo Jul 06, 4 16 40 PM

07-07-14 PCH (D6H) - San Simeon, Hearst Castle 002

Photo Jul 06, 4 17 46 PM

Photo Jul 04, 12 12 01 PMAmerican BBQ on Fourth of July


Photo Jul 06, 7 43 33 PMGolden hour
Photo Jul 07, 12 03 28 PMEvery time we’re in the bay area we try to make our way over to Back-A-Yard for this delicious Jamaican pork jerk. (actually Back-A-Yard was closed that day so this was at its sister restaurant Coconut)

07-07-14 PCH (D6H) - San Simeon, Hearst Castle 031

07-07-14 PCH (D800) 128Morro Bay

07-07-14 PCH (D6H) - Morro Bay 020

07-07-14 PCH (D6H) - Morro Bay 008So Pretty!
07-07-14 PCH (D800) 120We’re still not sure if these seals were rescued or what, but for a few bucks we were able to feed some pretty funny seals … or sea lion?

07-07-14 PCH (D6H) - Morro Bay 007

Photo Jul 07, 12 28 57 PMHearst Castle designed by Julia Morgan, who was the first female registered architect!

07-07-14 PCH (D6H) - San Simeon, Hearst Castle 054

07-07-14 PCH (D6H) - San Simeon, Hearst Castle 055

07-07-14 PCH (D800) 098

07-07-14 PCH (D800) 093

6 thoughts on “Roadtrip

  1. Nice! :]
    I’ve sent you an email with the Q&A for the Running High. I needed those few answers, so I could personalize the questions. I couldn’t find anything about running on your blog, so that’s why!
    Anyway, I hope you like the questions!

    (And I asked you to leave a reply on my blog, because then I get notified of your reply!)

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