Food around here lately

There’s been a lot of ‘fooding’ around here lately and I just got back from a brunch-then-led-to-coffee-and-dessert date with my good friend E in LA today. So indulge me while I share some pictures of meals that are now in my belly.

Photo Jul 28, 7 59 44 PMSummer night supper in our tree house (oh one day we will have a real tree house but in the meantime I’m calling our balcony/deck our tree house)

Photo Jul 28, 8 00 47 PM

Photo Jul 28, 7 26 06 PM

Photo Jul 29, 8 05 49 PMI’m not a big meatball person but I found the most amazing turkey and spinach meatball recipe on Bon Appetit!

Photo Jul 31, 9 47 03 PMWe’ve been missing our favorite cuban restaurant in LA, Versailles, so I tried to make it the other night. It was surprisingly easy – garlic, lime, onion, oregano and cumin – pick up some plantain and black beans and you’re all set!

Photo Jul 31, 11 07 00 AMSqirl cafe for brunch – remember this post

Photo Jul 31, 11 28 03 AM

Photo Jul 31, 11 27 55 AM

Photo Jul 31, 12 53 53 PMLaMill Coffee Boutique – more photos here.

Photo Jul 31, 12 43 47 PMThere’s a chance this lady can end up in San Diego next year for her fellowship … I wonder how I can bribe UCSD.


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