Dim Sum More

Photo Aug 03, 1 23 49 PM

We’ve been visiting churches down here in San Diego and haven’t quite found the one we will call home just yet. (although I’m feeling like we might be close) What’s just as important as finding the right church is finding the right food to eat after church. After our church visit this Sunday, we made our way over to a nearby chinese restaurant for dim sum. At least we got the dim-sum-after-church part covered for now.

I told Aaron that we can only eat dim sum at places with dim sum carts and dim sum cart ladies. When I was little, I wanted to be a dim sum cart lady when I grew up. I would push around our side table in the living room pretending to be serving others dim sum. While the ladies made their second round on Sunday, they kept smiling at us and saying “More dim sum?” I leaned over to Aaron and said “They should say ‘dim sum more?'” Aaron responded “Wow, it’s a shame you never got to be a dim sum lady. all this good skill wasted” I know. I know.

Photo Aug 03, 1 44 37 PM

Photo Aug 03, 2 07 44 PM




3 thoughts on “Dim Sum More

  1. Too adorable that you food after church is just as important as finding the church :). I love a good dim sum place and for sure, it needs to have carts and dim sum ladies. “All that good talent wasted” — LOL.

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