Dug lately

It’s been a while since I’ve smothered you with some puppy love … may I?

D8N_7213poor puggle, look at that look of fear in her eyes!



Photo Aug 03, 6 21 04 PM

Photo Aug 03, 6 06 02 PM

Photo Aug 06, 2 16 58 PMBrothers! Even though R2 is living with my mom temporarily, they will eventually have to learn to live together as siblings. One day they will accept the fact that neither of them are an only child.
Photo Aug 02, 1 36 50 PMSaturday morning farmer’s market buddy


Photo Jul 25, 12 40 04 PM

Photo Aug 03, 10 57 06 PMDug’s understanding a lot more of what we’re saying than we give him credit for. I’m pretty certain he understands “give Aaron a kiss”
Photo Aug 03, 10 05 57 AMHe starts off in his bed every night and this is what I find every.single.morning

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