Summer Grilling

04-17-14 Dug R2 029We finally got ourselves a grill for the tree house. Let the summer grilling began! Here are a few quick snapshots of last night’s feast.

Photo Aug 10, 6 01 54 PMAaron was bedridden this weekend from his back injury so I put the grill together alllll by myself. Not true, he had to come help me … but I put 80% of it together allll by myself.

04-17-14 Dug R2 005I asked Dug to set the table

04-17-14 Dug R2 021We had our friends over who are expecting and these super hot jalapeno was hitting the spot for her! They’re going to have a pepper baby just you watch.

04-17-14 Dug R2 015

04-17-14 Dug R2 007

04-17-14 Dug R2 034

04-17-14 Dug R2 031

04-17-14 Dug R2 024

04-17-14 Dug R2 036

Photo Aug 11, 7 18 18 PMahhh, we need more of these summer nights.

04-17-14 Dug R2 037we decided to celebrate all of our birthdays because that’s how long its been since we’ve gotten together.


8 thoughts on “Summer Grilling

  1. Mmm, this looks so good. I love the lights (I need some twinkle in my life) and your dog is just the cutest!

  2. looks like such a fun night! my husband wants a grill and i desperately still want some outdoor furniture even though everyone is already saying good bye to summer. we don’t think it’s going to happen though but sometimes we like to keep our wishful thinking alive 🙂 dug is so cute by the way~~

    1. I know! Summer came and went so fast! I totally know what you mean, it takes some time to fill a new house with furniture and such. We had been wanting a grill for so long and finally pulled the trigger to catch the last part of summer. Aaron is still wanting an infrared grill in the future so we stuck with a simple charcoal for now (which I like the look of better anyways)

  3. I love those lights! And you got a charcoal grill? Very retro ;). We just got patio furniture so we should use our grill more! I love eating outside, even with the mosquitos ;). You guys vegetarian? Your meal looks pretty awesome. Good job on the charcoal grill!

    1. Thank you! We are very far from being vegetarians!! I would love to try to move towards a more vegetarian diet but Aaron’s Korean and grew up with a lot of korean bbq. It’s also why we got a charcoal grill … that’s what his parents have always used at home.

  4. looks like a yummy feast! I like how you guys celebrated all of your birthdays together too. That’s really sweet.

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