Mystery flower

There is a little floral shop in the village that carries the most unique and beautiful flowers. Aaron’s family is also in the flower business and his older sister now runs the flowershop –  even when I took my sister in law to this shop she was impressed by the selection and the price! Anyways, I was there a couple of days ago and discovered this beauty. They wrote down the name for me but I can’t seem to find it on the internet anywhere so for now these are mystery flowers. Anyone seen these before? know what they’re called? I like the pale pink color and the way they droop from the weight of the petals.

UPDATE: My sister in law just text me: Pieris Japonica – mystery solved.

Photo Aug 12, 12 52 58 PM

6 thoughts on “Mystery flower

  1. oh they’re so unique and beautiful! i have no idea what they would be called – i did a quick search and kinda look like greenleaf manzanita but then again doesn’t. i hope you find the out the name for it!

  2. I am thinking it is wisteria?!?! I am pretty sure because they drape over like that and they do bloom around this time. Sounds like a fantastic shop! And what a gorgeous arrangement!!! I look forward to following along with you here! Nicole

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