Weekend Snippets

Photo Aug 16, 12 20 45 PMDug’s weekend pretty much looked like this while ours looked a little different. The weekend was filled with lunch with long time high school friend that came down from LA, house warming party where we played games and met new people, more new church visits, furniture delivery (so in love with our dresser!) and more friends visiting from Virginia. We really are blessed to have friends in SD before we even moved and can’t wait to hang out with them more … especially since we met someone this weekend who owns 5 bbq grills in their backyard. I mean, come on … instant BFF.

Photo Aug 17, 8 43 09 PMI’ve tried to kidnap her multiple times on Sunday – and then I realize I have no idea how to keep her alive so I gave her back to her mama. oh well.

Photo Aug 15, 9 23 50 PMA housewarming gift for my good friend – and then I decided I needed to get one to warm my own house with.

Photo Aug 17, 9 59 48 PMI didn’t think I could be so in love with a dresser. Our carpenter really outdone himself this time.


10 thoughts on “Weekend Snippets

  1. Looks like you had a fun weekend! The little girl is so cute πŸ™‚ Love her hair color. & wow, that dresser is gorgeous!!

    1. yeah, he use to work at the woodshop at my school – an architect turned furniture maker. We really lucked out with him – saved us some money in comparison with buying it from a brand name store.

  2. The dresser rocks!!!! And that sweet little bean is adorable!!! I got that book for my sister last Christmas….such a good one! Glad you all are surrounded by such goodness! Wishing you a lovely week! Nicole xo

    1. haha, he might as well have been a magician. His name is Alex, he’s an architect that turned furniture maker. He’s based in LA but he was willing to deliver to SD. Let me know if you want his info, I can email you.

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