Heatwave and Simpons

Photo Sep 10, 3 55 19 PMIt’s that time of year when my blog feeds are filled with pictures of leaves turning, boots and sweaters that it puts me in the mood for fall so I start pulling out my sweaters and scarfs …. then I walk out of the house and it’s 100 degrees. oh yeah, I live in California. In fact, this week we hit a heat wave and it left my parents house without power for two nights. The lowest it got to was 77 and that was at 2 in the morning. Come on! Let the fall begin already!

Despite the heat, we headed up to LA to catch the Simpons at the Bowl concert. (being the bowlaholic that I am) It’s the first year they are doing this and it was a lot more fun than I had anticipated. They brought out some of the cast, the creator, the music composer and some special guests including Conan. My favorite part was probably sitting among all these Simpsons fan that can sing each song word for word. I thought Aaron was the only one … he found his kind that night.

Photo Sep 13, 6 51 08 PM

Photo Sep 14, 5 19 44 PM

Photo Sep 14, 5 18 18 PM

Photo Sep 13, 6 18 47 PMI don’t know what they were doing, but I was having myself a donut

Photo Sep 13, 6 18 00 PM

Photo Sep 13, 6 52 55 PMThat’s my Homer impression … I need to work on it.

Photo Sep 13, 9 24 48 PM


3 thoughts on “Heatwave and Simpons

  1. omg is that donut for real?? and i wish it was still hot over here. i feel defeated way early.. i am usually in denial that fall is coming but i have accepted it 🙂

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