Eat your veggies

09-18-14 Juicing 023

09-18-14 Juicing 024

09-18-14 Juicing 025Recently we watched the much talked about “Forks over Knives” on netflix – a documentary that promotes the benefits of a whole food plant diet. While we probably won’t be making such a drastic change to our diet anytime soon, we do think there is truth to benefits from eating more veggies. I’ve recently started juicing – it helps that Aaron can bring home tons of cucumbers from the farm and I usually add kale, apple, celery and spinach to the concoction. I have to say we polish the juice off pretty quickly and are usually fighting over the last glass. Since my mom’s cancer diagnosis three years ago, we’ve been paying more attention to the food we put into our body. It’s something that I think about a lot and hope to be more mindful as I cook meals for my family. Here are some pictures of veggies in the kitchen. Wishing everyone a good weekend, filled with healthy food.

09-18-14 Juicing 003

09-18-14 Juicing 008

09-18-14 Juicing 004

09-18-14 Juicing 012White Bean Kale Soup from Epicurious

09-18-14 Juicing 019Summer Succotash over Zucchini Fritter both from Smitten Kitchen

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