Volcan Valley Apple Farm

09-28-14 Apple Picking 032This past Sunday we went apple picking with our good friends Mark and Christine who are expecting! These days I see a lot of apple orchard feeds on blogs and ig but it’s such a novelty for me, the city dweller! We made our way up to Julian’s Volcan Valley Apple Farm (about an hour outside of SD) which had 5 varieties of apples to choose from. As we were walking up and down the rows of apple trees, we discovered Golden Delicious apples which none of us has ever heard of before and it was …wait for it .. delicious! It didn’t taste like an apple to me and it made me a believer. We walked away with four bags of mainly Golden Delicious apples that day.

BUT FIRST, we stopped by Julian Pie Company because Christine has had their apple pie and said it was to die for … she’s also pregnant so she’s the boss. The pies were indeed amazing. Now, I actually don’t like pie fillings, just the pie crust and Julian Pie’s pie crust is so good – sturdy yet flaky. After we fed ourselves with enough pie to last the rest of fall, we went to work at the orchard.

09-28-14 Apple Picking 015

09-28-14 Apple Picking 004

09-28-14 Apple Picking 006

09-28-14 Apple Picking 026

09-28-14 Apple Picking 050

09-28-14 Apple Picking 064

09-28-14 Apple Picking 02509-28-14 Apple Picking 039

09-28-14 Apple Picking 050

09-28-14 Apple Picking 057

09-28-14 Apple Picking 061


6 thoughts on “Volcan Valley Apple Farm

  1. That is so sweet that your furbaby Dug was able to join!! Are you going to use the Golden Delicious apples in any of your recipes? Maybe it’d go well with a jicama salad?

  2. so glad to dug got to go! we’re hoping to go this weekend with a few folks but piri will likely stay home. can’t wait for the bags of apples though! πŸ™‚

    1. yeah, Dug had fun sniffing all the apples on the ground. Hope you had a good weekend apple picking! There’s a drought in so cal so the apples are smaller and less in quantity this year – hope apples are bountiful on your side of the country.

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