Outtakes and a tiny sneak peek

09-27-14 House Shoot (D800) 074

09-27-14 House Shoot (D800) 082

09-27-14 House Shoot (D800) 084

09-27-14 House Shoot (D800) 068SQUIRREL!

If you remember from a whiiillle back, I mentioned that we were selected for Apartment Therapy’s renovation diary series. Then a few things happened in the spring and the house had to take a backseat to life. Well, this past weekend, we finally started shooting our “big reveal” post which is to say, we are so close to finishing up this project! I can’t wait to share the actual series with you all when it gets posted but in the meantime I can share some outtakes (aka Dug getting in the shot or more accurately, us trying to get him to pose in the shot) from this weekend … and a few tiny sneak peek if you’d like to see. (if you like to see some before and demo shots click here, here and here.)

09-27-14 House Shoot (D600) 073

09-27-14 House Shoot (D800) 038

09-27-14 House Shoot (D600) 033

09-27-14 House Shoot (D600) 095

09-27-14 House Shoot (D800) 144

09-27-14 House Shoot (D600) 107

09-27-14 House Shoot (D800) 133

09-27-14 House Shoot (D800) 237

09-27-14 House Shoot (D600) 235

09-27-14 House Shoot (D600) 205

6 thoughts on “Outtakes and a tiny sneak peek

  1. Congrats on being selected for the series! Love the shot of the husband in action, getting the shot. Whatever it takes, right?? Very beautiful home!

  2. I think I’ve said this before but…Your home is gorgeous!! & Dug! I love all his facial expressions 🙂 Can’t wait to see the series posted on Apartment Therapy!

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