Sick as a dog

Oy friends! Sorry for disappearing on you! I’ve been sick as a dog the past couple of weeks – it was hard to get out of bed, let alone get any work done in front of a computer screen. I’m finally starting to feel better this week and have missed this space. Here are some pictures of mainly what Dug has been up.

Photo Oct 12, 8 57 16 PM

Photo Oct 10, 11 42 17 AM

Photo Oct 13, 11 22 08 AMDecided to dust off my knitting needles (does that even collect dust?!)

Photo Oct 13, 2 52 16 PMA newborn’s head is roughly the size of a squash right?

Photo Oct 12, 9 56 05 PMFirst knitting project complete

Photo Oct 13, 9 47 35 PMOur friends took us to Juniper Ivy – anyone fans of top chef? It’s Richard Blais’s restaurant. What a treat!

Photo Oct 23, 6 52 59 PMHanging out with Grandma

One thought on “Sick as a dog

  1. oh no! i hope you’re feeling better! i had a stomach bug for the past few days and it wasn’t fun. and knitting! i loove it! šŸ™‚

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