Photo Jan 17, 10 10 52 AM

Four days after I had Ella, I signed up for the Disney Star Wars Half Marathon thinking that by the time Ella turned 6 months, she would be so self sufficient that I would have all the time in the world to train for a race. Rookie mistake … or should I say Wookie mistak. haaaaaa. I like to joke that my friend Court took advantage of my postpartum vulnerability by talking me into signing up for this race but the truth is I’m so glad she did. Even if I didn’t get a chance to train for it, it certainly jump started my running again. She was such a good sport, running along side of me when she could’ve probably finished in half the time.

For those that aren’t familiar with the race, it’s a fairly laid back run with lots of characters to take pictures with along the way. Here are some very blurry pictures we took along the way.

Photo Jan 17, 5 59 33 AM

Photo Jan 17, 6 22 33 AMGetting to run around Disneyland before the park opened was probably the best part of the race.

Photo Jan 17, 6 42 50 AM

Photo Jan 17, 6 18 45 AMrun you will

Photo Jan 17, 6 31 45 AM

Photo Jan 17, 6 31 51 AM

Photo Jan 17, 8 01 59 AMstorm troopers!

Photo Jan 17, 7 58 19 AM

Photo Jan 17, 8 00 51 AMr2d2 my love

Photo Jan 17, 7 20 15 AM

12439077_10207011709985836_3101848443145549301_nall I see in this picture is the steakhouse in the back

Photo Jan 17, 7 38 30 AMget it? get it?

Photo Jan 17, 9 03 54 AM13.1 miles in 3 hours

12615677_10153877035331703_161380259521986335_oAs if running 13.1 miles wasn’t enough, we then ran around the park for the rest of the day.


12615720_10154482304923916_3816607490806390246_oCourtney made these beautiful fascinators inspired by our favorite Disney characters – aren’t they so fun!?12615633_10154482304808916_5013419202582925619_o



12622003_10154482304578916_4415764359441737540_oThis will probably be our last trip to Disneyland without the baby for a while – it’s hard to imagine going to Disneyland without going on space mountain but I’m sure it will be a new kind of fun.


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